Jeffrey Yuncheng Deng

Public Building: Public Condenser

COMMONS OF CARE - Copenhagen, Denmark

The Commons of Care is situated in Skydebanehaven Park within the post-renewal district of Vesterbro in Copenhagen, Denmark. As part of the chair of Public Building, this project plays on the two aspects of everyday life that concern the public as participants: commons and care, material and immaterial, goods and services. Implicit in the title is an acceptance that forms of care (day care and elderly-care centres) are common goods. Care as a resilient urban marker provides a framework that concerns the marginalised multitude of the city, namely the immigrant (“newcomers”) and elderly (“late-agers”) populations in the city. The design is guided by four principles (cure, curation, collectivity, connectivity) that suggest multiple interventions for realising the aspiration for a public condenser. The concept of care legitimises coexistence between multiple communities where accessibility and inclusivity become benchmarks for a renewed definition of liveability in Europe.

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