Leila van Coeverden

Heritage & Architecture: Almere-Haven

Axonometric view of the urban biodiversity

HumaNature: Harmonizing a new biodiverse landscape in a typical Dutch neighbourhood

 What would the world look like with a new harmony with its natural environment?

HumaNature combines present-day values with biodiversity as a concept that re-evaluates a typical 1970’s Dutch neighbourhood. Starting the design from the perspective of nature, the relation between humans and their natural environment will be balanced. This will result in an increase of biodiversity in the living environment and the decline of heat island effects, flooding and moreover psychological problems.

The project describes a full scale reinterpretation of an existing neighbourhood in Almere. From the implementation of a new landscape up to a new lifestyle. HumaNature creates a balance between a biodiverse utopia and the reality of the existing neighbourhood, searching for its potential and considering the interests of the current residents. As nature needs time to grow, the neighbourhood will grow with it; building appreciation of the new way of living, empowering feasibility and future resilience

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