Sebastiaan Brouwer

Architectural Engineering: Second Life

Perspective section cut of the New Haagse Loper and Bruggebouw Oost

Future Food Supply Chain: An exploration and implementation of a new urban food typology

Due to the rapid growth of online grocery deliveries, urban mobility is worsening and the gap between people and consumption is increasing. My research shows that transforming the Bruggebouw Oost to a public urban food distribution hub will significantly decrease the mobility stress of the city. Mixing different food functions creates an efficient synergy within the food supply chain, which is totally transparent and visible to all passers-by. To fully show this new chain, the main pedestrian pathway is elevated, avoiding the busy intersection below the building, going through the building and connecting the city centre of The Hague with its business district. While the food supply chain is digitising and the gap between people and food processes is increasing, this project shows how architecture can be used to keep people connected and aware of all we consume.

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