Tomi Akinyemi

Urban Architecture

The Courtyard Oasis (a private getaway for the residents)

The Working Home: Social housing dwellings affording opportunities for financial betterment through the use of integrated workspaces.

The Working Home project seeks to create a social housing residential neighbourhood that affords opportunities for financial betterment using integrated workspaces. This project stems from an interest in people - how they live and interact with each other through exploring their likes and dislikes, their needs and wishes. Considering the context of COVID-19, this thesis explores the co-existence between life and work activities within the home. Prior to (but also enhanced by) the recent pandemic, we increasingly find more people living and working in the same domain; therefore, this project looks at creating a solution to the issue of designing for the contemporary family lifestyle. Under the theme of ‘reuse’, The Working Home proposes a strategy that repurposes a dysfunctional shopping centre in the heart of Nijmegen by creating an architectural solution which takes a step towards meeting the need for a more representative housing collection of society’s current challenges.