Cederick Ingen-Housz

Architectural Engineering

Highway as a New Urban Centre

Fascination with the lack of interacting transport modalities, highway junctions, new developments in mobility trends and the ‘disruptive’ character of our present highways with unused empty spaces was the trigger for me to start with my project. I developed a transport hub that would connect rather than divide the surrounding area’s and would facilitate all forms of transport interaction.

I tried to rethink the concept of a highway junction and to transform it into an integrated ‘city- boulevard’ with all transport modalities available today, inviting people to choose their best option to get to their next destination. The second design thought was a connecting ‘bridge’ between the 4 area’s surrounding the transport hub thus creating a lively area with lots of facilities. The top level of the structure is used as a city square, public, connecting and guarded from the outside noise by the surrounding buildings. A new sort of city gate!

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