Doris van Hooijdonk

Landscape Architecture

Water no get Enemy; A Nomadic Landscape as an Alternative for the Poldermodel.

This utopian scenario both criticizes the contemporary relationship between politics and landscape, and researches the possibilities of a nomadic landscape in the Netherlands. It pursues the call for independence from the welfare state and for space for the water. From there on it searches for a new dynamic model that can replace the static poldermodel; The result is a division of the country into two segments: Binnendijks and Buitendijks; Separated by the dijk, now also functioning as a political element.
Binnendijks, the landscape will be similar to the current situation, however optimized: With big level differences in the former peat-regions and an even more prevailing pattern of ditches and boezems. Buitendijks, the landscape will be functioning as a free-zone for water and nomadic groups. These new dynamic influences transform current landscape typologies into new or even very old ones.

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