Bart Valks

Management in the Built Environment

Designing and Testing a Strategy Game

A persistent problem in Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM) is the issue of aligning an organization’s real estate to its organizational objectives. In this thesis a decision-making model has been designed for TU Delft in order to provide the organization with a solution for renewing their portfolio of lecture halls. In order to achieve alignment, TU Delft requires a solution that maximally supports their primary process: education. This solution is argued to be the solution that best fulfils the preferences of the stakeholders, and can consist of both real estate and organizational interventions. The stakeholders involved determine criteria and preferences, which they are allowed to repeatedly adjust and refine. Based on these criteria and preferences the stakeholders design solutions. In this thesis it is argued that this process of gaming is necessary in order to gain an understanding of the problem and acceptance of the eventual results. The tests done with the decision-making model largely affirm this hypothesis.