Sandra Straub

Management in the Built Environment

Co-Creation in Real-Estate: a framework to steer upon value-creating firm-consumer relations in demand-driven development

This thesis set‐out to answer the following research question:

What framework may assist practitioners in steering the co‐creation relation of market‐actors and civilactors in demand‐driven developments; and what main drivers and critical success factors can be identified for the same?

Throughout the conduct of this research contact with practitioners as well as debates on visited congresses have shown the increasing attention that seems to be paid to the topic of demand‐driven development. The underlying message in these interactions had been: “we need, it but we don’t know how to implement it”. This research has resulted in the proposition of a steering framework that may aid practitioners in steering upon a value‐generating firm‐consumer relation in demand‐driven development, by providing them with an overview of the most important elements in this cooperation. It may thus deliver useful insight to a practical problem the market is facing today.

Additionally preliminary research had shown that there also seems to be a knowledge gap in theory on developer‐consumer co‐creation in the real‐estate industry. By iterating between different fields of knowledge from participatory planning, over public‐private partnerships and co‐creation in consumer industry, and providing further empirical research results, a basis of knowledge could be established which may help to fill this knowledge gap.