Mark Scholten


(Anti-)Social Stockholm

Understanding interrelations of socio-spatial segregation

This graduation project aims to address the gap of knowledge as to how governance, social and spatial constructs interrelate with regards to segregation processes and its effects on society in Stockholm, Sweden. It explores possibilities to create a shift towards a more comprehensive way of planning that incorporates a better understanding of these processes, through a multiscalar, complementary approach of strategic policy and design interventions. These interventions are tested and phased in the Järva area in North-West Stockholm to investigate the potential for more socially sustainable development, from the regional scale to the local scale. A multi-dimensional lens is proposed to grasp the interrelations in segregation processes and to better account for its implications in future development; viewing segregation as a historic process through a wider socio-cultural lens, forming a complementary dynamic and static perspective. More narrative-based comparison in a European context is proposed to strengthen future research.

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