Focus areas

Collaborations with Brazil cover many disciplines across the TU Delft’s eight faculties. Cooperation is especially strong within – but not limited to – the below themes. They are led by two or three theme coordinators from different TU Delft faculties, and each theme involves a range of joint activities with Brazilian partners.


University Ambassador Brazil

Professor Patricia Osseweijer


Since the late 1990s, the TU Delft has been building substantial joint R&D programmes and delivering dual degree PhD theses, joint courses and exchange programmes for students and staff members with different universities and institutions in Brazil.

Since 2011, TU Delft hosts an office at the University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil. In 2019 President Marcelo Knobel of UNICAMP visited Delft where he and President Tim van der Hagen of TU Delft signed a new memorandum of understanding for strategic partnership to further strengthen the long-term collaboration between these institutions.

King Willem Alexander opens TUD-Brazil office
Prof. Marcelo Knobel and Prof. Tim van der Hagen.