Ms. Zili Wang

PhD Student
Topic: Understanding traffic effects on pavement raveling by field data

Ms. Yanyan Xu

PhD Student
Topic: Artificial Intelligence for multi-modal data fusion and short-term traffic prediction

Mr. Chao Yu

Visiting PhD Student | BJTU
Topic: Data-driven method for precise passenger flow guidance in rail transit network

Mr. Saman Behrouzi

PhD Student
Topic: Interactive Multiscale Visualization of Mobility Networks

Ms. Jinyang Zhao

PhD Student
Research topic: Decision-making Method of Smart Vehicle Driving Behavior

Ms. Paula Vogg

Visiting MSc Student
Topic: Development of a dynamic traffic controller with consideration of transit priority

Dr. Tin Nguyễn

Postdoc Researcher & Lecturer

Ms. Nirvana Pecorari

PhD Student
Topic: Multi-Objective Dynamic Geo-Fencing in Metropolitan Transportation Networks

Mr. Kayhan Tavassoli

PhD Student
Topic: Incentive mechanisms for cooperative connected traffic at local bottlenecks

Ms. Xiamei Wen

PhD Student
Topic: Data-driven Prediction of Multimodal Urban Traffic Operation with Distributed Learning

Mr. Yumin Cao

Visiting PhD Student | Tongji
Topic: Vehicle path reconstruction and control in urban road networks


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