MSc. Thesis Defence - Rui Miao

Title: A capacity-effective scheduling approach for Virtual Coupling train operations

Msc Thesis Defense - Rui Miao

Thursday 27/01/2022, 11:00-12:30 CET

Zoom link: (Meeting ID: 944 7686 1365)


As the demand for the railways is expected to raise in the future, researchers are looking for ways to improve the railway capacity to increase the transport ability. Virtual coupling is a new solution based on the moving block technology, which further shortens train separation from absolute braking distance to relative braking distance. This will also affect the train service schedules for optimal operation under virtual coupling. In this study, a mixed integer quadratic programming method has been proposed to schedule the train services under virtual coupling on a network. Train operation as well as the headway and capacity benefit have been analyzed. In comparison to moving block, virtual coupling will change train operation on shared routes, and the capacity will be improved by different percentages for different timetable patterns and different service braking rates with or without speed limit restrictions.

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