Roadmaps for A.I. Integration in the Rail Sector

RAILS (Roadmaps for A.I. Integration in the Rail Sector) is a three-year project funded by the EU Shift2Rail program. The overall objective of the RAILS research project is to investigate the potential of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) approaches in the rail sector and contribute to the definition of roadmaps for future research in next generation signalling systems, operational intelligence, and network management.

The scope of RAILS

RAILS addresses the training of PhD students to support the research capacity in A.I. within the rail sector across Europe by involving research institutions in four different countries with a combined background in both computer science and transportation systems. RAILS produces knowledge, groundbreaking research and experimental proof-of-concepts for the adoption of A.I. in rail automation, predictive maintenance and defect detection, traffic planning and capacity optimization. To that aim, RAILS combines A.I. paradigms with the Internet of Things, in order to leverage on the big amount of data generated by smart sensors and applications. The research activities are conducted in continuity with ongoing research in railways, but the methodological and technological concepts developed in RAILS are expected to stimulate further innovation providing new research directions to improve reliability, maintainability, safety, security, and performance.

The major innovation and value proposition of RAILS

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