Applied Design (6 ECTS)

The core of the course is an individual design assignment. To fulfil the final assignment lectures will be given on conceptual design, product & process design and materials.

Techno-Economic Evaluation (6 ECTS)

In general, this course examines the state of the economy and the characteristics and working of the civil and environmental engineering processes, the best practice in estimating the capital and operating costs. It also gives a short introduction to finance for non-accountants.

Asset Management (4 ECTS)

The purpose of this course is to learn to integrate acquired data, tools and new technology for the engineering of improvements in constructions and installations. The course will also focus on performance measurement in an asset management context by looking at context, governance, methods and planning of actions for improvements.

Integral Design (4 ECTS)

This course integrates different design approaches that are relevant for all disciplines entailing the creation of products, systems and services in the areas of civil, mechanical and environmental engineering. It includes system analysis, design and the development of concepts as well as the ability to apply these within the technical domain of the two projects in the programme.

Effective Communication for Designers (2 ECTS)

This course helps designers to learn the basics of effective communication with different types of audiences and to present ideas, models or new technology to management and senior staff.

Research Design (2 ECTS)

This course is designed to define and execute the scientific research steps in the individual project, conceptualising ideas and developing a relevant theoretical framework.

Risk Management (4 ECTS)

This course deals with the technical aspects of risk management, with emphasis on methods and techniques for analysing and evaluating threats and failures. An important aspect in this course is understanding failure mechanisms in constructions and defining design measures to minimise risk.

The elective courses meet the knowledge requirement for the individual design project. The courses are focused on a deeper understanding of the discipline related to the individual project. They can be chosen from the TU Delft curricula for the existing MSc programmes. The courses will be selected in consultation with the supervisors of the participants. The courses must be completed successfully to the standards of Delft University of Technology.

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