PDEng Programme

Working on strategic innovation

The two year Professional Doctorate programme in Civil and Environmental Engineering at TU Delft is the starting point of an innovation project and a successful career in the industry or business as a designer or engineering expert. The degree Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng) will be awarded upon the successful completion of the programme.

This programme will help you to develop strategic innovations. During the programme, you learn how to initiate, develop and finish a design project which is of interest to the company or your employer. The design project is the core of the programme and is carried out individually. It is supported with different courses as well as an integral project. The individual design project takes the innovation past the phase of prototyping to implementation and market introduction. In the project you demonstrate your ability to apply the knowledge you gathered in the different courses of the programme, in solving a real- life, complex design problem or developing a new system.


The new PDEng programme has two tracks: 

  • Sanitary & Environmental Engineering focuses on water management issues related to health technology, such as water collection, water and sanitation, environment and water transportation.
  • Structural & Railway Engineering is aimed at innovation in civil engineering, for example smart buildings, new materials and sustainable railways.

The civil and environmental engineering sector is in urgent need of young professional designers who can provide the sector with a knowledge boost and advanced technical innovations. Our society is facing various social and environmental challenges, such as climate change, water pollution, aging infrastructure, a rapid development of technology and increasing demands for mobility. These are all challenges that need solutions from innovative engineers and designers. As a response to this market need, the faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences at TU Delft provides a PDEng in Civil and Environmental Engineering that will deliver highly skilled design engineers who can fill the gaps in the rapidly ageing population of specialists at academic level in the civil industry.

Cooperation with industry

The civil sector has a huge demand for scientifically educated design engineers with an integral knowledge of technology and different disciplines. Through the professional Doctorate in Civil and Environmental Engineering, young professionals and talented alumni of technical universities can develop into experienced design engineers and experts. Various companies from the civil industry are closely involved in the setup of our education, so we can make sure our courses, projects and cases reflect the reality of tomorrow.

Challenges for the industry

The water sector needs answers to specific problems such as the increased complexity of drinking water production due to residual concentrations of pharmaceuticals in surface water, salinisation of underground water and new micropollutants in wastewater. For the building and construction industry, there is a demand for sustainable materials as well as better and faster production of building materials. The railway sector has to work on a system leap that will allow building and maintenance of track without major disturbances of train services. In addition, the rising complexity of building and civil construction requires specialists with comprehensive knowledge of civil engineering and the ability to integrate new technology and disciplines such as risk management, new materials, concrete structures and sensors.