Integral project (12 ECTS)

The integral project is carried out by a team of participants working on a real life case. It begins shortly after the start of the programme. The trainee gains insight in the complexity of innovation and designing but also gains the knowledge and skills needed to launch a new product or system. The topic of the integral design project will be determined in consultation with the companies involved in order to align the content as much as possible with the objectives of the sector. At the start a kick-off meeting will be held with designers from both the industry and TU Delft to share their experiences with the trainees.

Individual project (60 ECTS)

The individual project is the main part of the programme. It is carried out in relation to the strategic innovation needs of the company. The outline is determined during the admission process by the candidate in consultation with the industry and the selection committee of the programme. Prior to the start of the second quarter of the first year of the programme, candidates must develop a final plan that will be submitted to the selection committee. After approval the participant can commence with the individual design project. A division of the individual design assignment over the two years of the programme will help the trainee to understand the theory of the courses by applying it directly in practice.

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