Gaston Haagmans

MSc graduate 2017

I started the Geoscience and Remote Sensing (GRS) master in September 2014 and graduated in June 2017. After successful completion of the compulsory courses in the first year, I decided to focus more on the Earth System Science, Geodesy and Remote Sensing. One of the things I liked most about the programme was that there is a lot of room for free electives. Especially during the second year, there is the opportunity to follow more courses related to your specialization field which allows you to ‘create’ your own master programme. Currently I’m working in the Geo-ICT sector of CGI, a Canadian Global Information Technology consulting company. The project I am currently working on is called Naiade and the purpose is to contribute to one integrated web application that includes the complete railinfrastructure of ProRail, which previously was maintained by two systems BBK and InfraAtlas. The data analysis, programming skills and simulation/visualization skills that I learned during the GRS master benefitted me in my current job and I am still improving and learning a lot of other skills. For future students I would recommend to find the perfect balance between studying and your social life, that’s what made me happy.

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