Kirstin Alphenaar

MSc graduate 2016

Before I came to Delft I studied Earth sciences in Utrecht. When I finished my Bachelor I wanted to do a research master which could show me the practical side of science as well as a master in which you gain a lot of new knowledge. That’s how I came across Geoscience and Remote sensing in Delft - it was the perfect mix for me. It was practical because we learned what we could measure on Earth, how we can measure it and, my personal favorite, why you want to measure it. The technical challenge attracted me as well. To not only know what you can measure and why, but also explore the technical background of these techniques.

As I had less technical background (due to my bachelor in Utrecht) compared to my fellow students, my first year of the master was challenging. Challenging, but doable. The electives I liked most were courses about surveying: a lot of techniques explained, as well as their practical use.

In my second year I completed my internship and a graduation project. My internship was with an aerial survey company called Skeye. They use drones and photogrammetry to make accurate images and volume estimates of all sorts of areas. The internship was really hands on and also taught me what kind of job and company I was interested in.

My graduation project was about vegetation monitoring in the river forelands of the Netherlands. I had to combine various remote sensing images and techniques to be able to show what vegetation was growing in the area, and then compare it to a desirable situation. I learned that I like the connection between the measurement technique and the practical process. I like to find out what the problem or question is, and next show what techniques you can use to solve or answer it.

My desire to combine process and technique led me to the company where I work now: Infram. Infram is a consultancy and engineering company with focus areas in spatial planning, mobility and water management. Infram links content with process, and solutions with sustainability. I convert ambitions into executable plans and realize them too.  I’m really enjoying my job and the skills I learned during my master I continue to use in my everyday work.

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