Ir. P.H. (Pieter) Ham


After a bachelor’s degree in architecture, Pieter received his master’s degree in Building Engineering (CEG) in 2016. During his master thesis, he designed an affordable and sustainable floating foundation for  low cost houses for in flood-prone areas in the Philippines.

He started working as a researcher on a project about the behaviour of masonry in earthquake prone regions. Hereinafter he started his  PhD research about a similar topic as his master thesis: “Research into amphibious sustainable houses for flood prone areas in South East Asia.”

As well Pieter supervises bachelor and master projects in the field of disaster-resilient buildings, parametric design and other building engineering related topics.

Research themes

  • Amphibious buildings
  • Typhoon resilient buildings
  • Vernacular architecture
  • Parametric design / parametric engineering

Pieter Ham