Conference venue: Bouwcampus Delft

How to reach Delft

By plane 

  • Amsterdam/Schiphol:
    40 min. by train to Delft, Frequent trains available direct from airport
  • Rotterdam/The Hague:
    10 km to Delft, direct connecting bus (nr. 40) to the campus of DUT (stop: TU Aula, Delft), the Science Centre (stop: Julianalaan, Delft) or the train station/city centre of Delft (stop: Station Delft, Delft)

By high speed train to Rotterdam from 

  • Brussels (1h 10min.)
  • Paris (2h 40min.)
  • London (4h)



About Delft

With almost 100,000 inhabitants, the city of Delft is located at the heart of the province of South Holland, between Rotterdam and The Hague definitely mapping out the international atmosphere of the city. 

However, Delft is still an undiscovered typical Dutch city. The glorious past of the city comes alive in its great number of monuments, the facades of buildings, churches and monasteries and almshouses.

Delft is known for its historical ties with the Dutch royal family, Delft Blue pottery, the painter Vermeer and scientist Van Leeuwenhoek. The friendly and vibrant student city with its centuries old canals, charming courtyards and rich history make Delft a unique and distinctive conference venue.

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ISCHP 2019 is organized by Research group Biobased structures and materials, TU Delft

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