Dynamics of Solids and Structures

This group focuses on wave processes in materials and structures and on dynamic soil-structure and fluid-structure interactions. The theory of linear and non-linear waves and vibrations serves as the basis for the group's research, which is accomplished by employing analytical, numerical and experimental approaches.

The main themes of the group research concern:

  • Dynamics of high-speed railway lines with the emphasis on soil vibrations, dynamic soil settlements and the effect of soil dynamics on stability, critical velocities and energy loss of high-speed trains.
  • Dynamics of deep-water offshore risers with the focus on flow induced instabilities such as divergence and flutter induced by axial flows as well as vortex induced vibration in currents.
  • Wave mechanics of heterogeneous materials centring on the development of high-gradient models, that are capable of capturing the dispersion and attenuation of ultrasonic waves.