Access to and use of the Macrolab / Stevinlaboratory

The Macrolab follows and supports the Principles and Guidelines for Access and Related Services of the European Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures.

The Macrolab grants right of access to and use of the facilities of the Macrolab according to wide-access mode as set out in the Principles and Guidelines. The means that, in principle, the facilities will be made available to the following parties:

  • Researchers affiliated with recognized institutions for academic eduction and research
  • Research and education
  • Companies and other organizations

The policy for providing access to and use of the facilities of the Macrolab is determined by the users' council in accordance with the Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences.

Parties wishing to make use of the facilities of the laboratory, can apply via the coordinator of the lab. The coordinator of the lab will evaluate the request on the basis of a research plan and will establish whether the facilities are suitable for the intended research. This assessment is fed back to the applicant. The availability of facilities ca be restricted by the planning of the use of the facilities by other users. The user council decides on the provision of access and availability (in terms of planning and duration) of specific facilities.

Regarding safety, permission to use the facilities is granted only in combination with the deployment of technicians Macrolab to prepare, operate and where necessary dismantling of test setups and under supervision of the staff of the Macrolab. Researchers affiliated to recognized institutions for academic education and research will be charged only the actual costs for staffing (technicians, supervision) and for consumables and materials used during the tests.

The general rules of the TU Delft apply and further specific house rules and safety regulations of the Macrolab and specific requirements of the equipment and tools to use.