G.A. (Greet) Leegwater, MSc


I have obtained my Master degree in 2006 at the TU Delft and am now a part-time PhD candidate at the pavement engineering group since 2013. I work at TNO as researcher and team leader of the Pavement Engineering team. My work at TNO focuses on prolonging the service life of pavements while reducing the environmental impact of roads.


In my PhD project I study the process of healing of asphalt in order to understand the fundamental mechanisms behind this behaviour. My aim is to formulate a model which describes the healing of asphaltic material. This model is based on experiments executed with a new developed test set-up that enables me to study multiple aspects of healing of bituminous binders. 

  • G.A. Leegwater, A. Scarpas & S.M.J.G. Erkens (2018) The influence of boundary conditions on the healing of bitumen, Road Materials and Pavement Design, 19:3, 571-580, DOI: 10.1080/14680629.2018.1418720

  • Leegwater, G., Tabokovi─ç, A., Baglieri, O., Hammoum, F., & Baaj, H. (2020, December). Terms and definitions on crack-healing and restoration of mechanical properties in bituminous materials. In RILEM International Symposium on Bituminous Materials (pp. 47-53). Springer, Cham.

  • Leegwater, G., Koma─Źka, J., Liu, G., Nielsen, E., & Remi┼íovab, E. (2014, April). Technical performance and benefits of recycling of reclaimed asphalt containing polymer modified binder into premium surface layers. In Transport Research Arena (TRA) 5th Conference: Transport Solutions from Research to Deployment.  

  • Keijzer, E. E., Leegwater, G. A., de Vos-Effting, S. E., & de Wit, M. S. (2015). Carbon footprint comparison of innovative techniques in the construction and maintenance of road infrastructure in The Netherlands. Environmental Science & Policy, 54, 218-225.

Greet Leegwater

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