Ir. F.C. (Martin) van de Ven

In 1971 Martin van de Ven obtained a technical degree at the Technical High school in Den Bosch.

In 1975 he obtained his MSc degree in civil engineering at the Delft University of Technology, with specialization in materials.

During his carrier he worked a substantial time for contractor, consultant, education and research institutions.

From 1975 to 1980 he worked for HWZ, the road construction division of HBG a Dutch contractor. In 1980 he joined the Technical Highschool in Zwolle as lecturer for 10 years. He was also head of the laboratories of the Civil and Building section. In 1990 he joined Netherlands Pavement Consultants and became head of the mechanical testing laboratory. In 1995 he became incumbent of the Sabita Chair as a full time professor at the university of Stellenbosch in South Africa. In 2001 he came back tot the Netherlands and worked till 2004  part time at TU Delft and KOAC-WMD, where he was part of the management team, leading the laboratories. From 2004 he is working full-time at TU Delft as associate professor in the group of Prof Molenaar.

 Next to his education and research activities at the university he is involved in many external activities. He is working already for many years as expert in the field of asphalt dykes. He chairs the national committee responsible for asphalt dykes. He is also chairman of the Advisory board of the Technical Highschool Windesheim in Zwolle. He is member of Normalisation committees, worked in CROW committee and is actually a member of several committees at DVS involved with large projects like AOT project, Ravelling project and flexible joints project.

He is also member of several RILEM working groups, member from AAPT and founding member from SAT in South Africa.


Van de Ven is mentoring a first years group of students in the Bachelor and lectures predominantly in the Masters phase. He is together with other collegues responsible for the following lectures:

  • CT 4830 Practical Roadbuildingmaterials
  • CT 4850 Roadbuilding materials
  • CT 4860 Structural design of pavements

He is also regular lecturer with one week courses in road building materials at the university of Stellenbosch in the group of Prof Jenkins.


Van de Ven has experience in research in the contractor - , consultants- and academic environment. He was involved with pavement design, pavement evaluation and management. But also production and construction was often covered. All the research was done from a material science viewpoint. He became specialised in bituminous materials. At the moment his research focuses on the material aspects of ravelling of porous asphalt and the very important field of asphalt recycling in the Netherlands. Both porous asphalt and recycling are major aspects in the Dutch road building industry.

 Since 1995 he supervised 4 PhD students at Stellenbosch university and at the moment he is assiting Prof Molenaar in supervising 4 PhD students.

His research tasks mainly comprise of the initiation, coordination and supervision of research projects. Contract research plays an important role in this.

Van de Ven produced from 1995 a large number of papers for national and international conferences to share and discuss research results.

van de Ven Martin