Lili Ma


Ms. Ma graduated from School of Transportation, Southeast University with Bachelor degree in 2016. After graduation, she continued her Master study in School of Transportation, Southeast University and got her Master degree in 2019. Since September 2019, she has been working in the Section of Pavement Engineering as a PhD researcher.


I am currently studying the coupled effect of moisture and oxygen on bitumen properties and pavement performance through multi-scale simulation and experimental characterization. The kinetic and thermodynamic transport behaviour of moisture and oxygen in bitumen and corresponding physicochemical and mechanical response of bitumen are evaluated. Molecular dynamics and finite element are implemented to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the phenomena.


  • Kinetics and thermodynamics of moisture and oxygen transport in bitumen.
  • Multi-scale physicochemical and mechanical characterization of water/oxygen-bitumen system.
  • Lili Ma, Aikaterini Varveri, Ruxin Jing, Sandra Erkens, Comprehensive review on the transport and reaction of oxygen and moisture towards coupled oxidative ageing and moisture damage of bitumen, Construction and Building Materials, Volume 283.

Lili Ma

PhD student

Engineering Structures

Pavement Engineering