Mr. Mohammadjavad Berangi


In 2016, I received a masterā€™s degree in Highway and Transportation Engineering from Iran University of Technologyā€™s civil engineering program. During my masterā€™s program, I evaluated traffic noise pollution on Tehran roads and developed a neural network model for noise prediction. Immediately after graduating, I joined the industry and spent about five years working in various civil engineering fields, including construction, project management, and contract management, for a few significant construction firms in Iran.

Since April 2022, I have been working in the Section of Pavement Engineering as a Ph.D. researcher. My Ph.D. research is concentrated to create an intelligent framework that can predict the remaining lifetime of the pavement and raveling propensity in the Netherlands' condition. This framework will use available monitored data (pavement, environment, etc.) as input, to add a "digital brain" (which is a combination of data-driven and physics-driven models) that can adapt under new circumstances and predict its residual lifetime, making it a useful tool in maintenance strategies. The research will contribute to the development of sustainable and cost-effective pavement maintenance strategies by providing accurate lifetime predictions for PA pavements, and giving deeper insight into the in-field pavement behavior. The futuristic visualization of intelligent pavement lifetime prediction is shown below:

Academic Background

  • Ph.D. candidate, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Delft University of Technology, April 2022 - Present
  • Master, Highway and Transportation Engineering, Iran University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, February 2016

Professional Experience

  • Research Assistant, Iran University of Science and Technology, September 2014 - February 2016
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Iran University of Science and Technology, September 2017 - September 2018
  • Teaching Assistant, Islamic Azad University - Central Branch, November 2013 - January 2014

Research Interests

  • Structural health monitoring
  • Traffic noise pollution
  • Pavement distress modeling
  • Data analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Intelligent transportation systems

Representative Publications

  • Mansourkhaki A, Berangi M, Haghiri M, Haghani M, 2018. A Neural Network Noise Prediction Model for Tehran Urban Roads. Journal of Environmental Engineering and Landscape Management.
  • Haghani M, Jalalkamali R, Berangi M, 2018. Assigning Crashes to Road Segments in Developing Countries. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers-ICE Transport.
  • Mansourkhaki A, Berangi M, Haghiri M, 2017. Comparative Application of Radial Basis Function and Multilayer Perceptron Neural Networks to Predict Traffic Noise Pollution in Tehran Roads. Journal of Ecological Engineering.
  • Mansourkhaki A, Haghiri M, Berangi M, 2018. A Modified Noise Prediction Model for Highways with Significant Motorcycle Traffic. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers-ICE Transport.

Mr. Mohammadjavad Berangi

  • +31 6 44643796
  • Section of Pavement Engineering

    Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences

    Delft University of Technology

    Stevinweg 1

    2628 CN Delft

    The Netherlands

    Room: S2 2.34