S. (Shisong) Ren


Mr. Ren graduated from China University of Petroleum with Bachelor degree in Applied Chemistry and Master degree in Chemical Engineering and Technology. From September 2019, he starts his PhD research at Delft University of Technology.  


  • Aging and recycling mechanism of asphalt materials
  • Molecular dynamic modelling and analysis
  • Rheological properties and modification mechanism of polymer modified asphalts

Shisong Ren, Ming Liang, Weiyu Fan, etc. Investigating the effects of SBR on the properties of gilsonite modified asphalt. Construction and Building Materials. 2018, 190: 1103-1116.

Shisong Ren, Xueyan Liu, Weiyu Fan, Haopeng Wang and Sandra Erkens. (2019). Rheological Properties, Compatibility, and Storage Stability of SBS Latex-Modified Asphalt. Materials. 12, 3683

Shisong Ren, Xueyan Liu, Haopeng Wang, Weiyu Fan, Sandra Erkens. (2020). Evaluation of rheological behaviors and anti-aging properties of recycled asphalts using low-viscosity asphalt and polymers. Journal of Cleaner Production. 253, 120048

Shisong Ren, Xueyan Liu, Mingliang Li, Weiyu Fan, Jian Xu, Sandra Erkens. (2020). Experimental characterization of viscoelastic behaviors, microstructure and thermal stability of CR/SBS modified asphalt with TOR. Construction and Building Materials. 261, 120524.

Shisong Ren, Xueyan Liu, Weiyu Fan, Chengduo Qian, Guozhi Nan, Sandra Erkens. (2021). Investigating the effects of waste oil and styrene-butadiene rubber on restoring and improving the viscoelastic, compatibility, and aging properties of aged asphalt. Construction and Building Materials. 269, 121338.

Shisong Ren

PhD candidate

Pavement Engineering

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