Have you ever wonder what it takes to get your train to arrive on the right platform every day? Do you know railway is the cleanest and fastest transport mode for long-distance transportation? Today's sophisticated and complex railway is made up of many subsystems, not just trains and rails. Rising demands and expectations create new challenges for our existing railways. For example, increasingly higher demands are needed on rail transportation, while more and more people and goods have to be transported in a shorter time: speeds are increasing. How to increase railway capacity while upgrading the speed of trains? The fact that more than 1 million travellers are transported by train in the Netherlands every day shows the crucial role that railways play in our society. Everyone benefits from continuing to renew the rail network to meet the challenges in our future.

We offer the following Bachelor courses:

  • CT3320-Weg- en Railbouwkunde in BSc Civil Engineering, 4 ECTS in Q3
  • Railbouwpracticum in BSc Minor ‘Bend and Break’, 6 ECTS in Q1
  • Diverse Bachelor EindProjecten (BEP) in collaboration with the rail sector, 10ECTS in Q1-Q4
  • Various possibilities for specialization after BSc

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