Dr. W. (Wen-Jun) Cao


Dr. Wen-Jun Cao is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Engineering Structures, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences. She received her Ph.D. (2019) from Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, National University of Singapore and B.Eng (2011) in civil engineering from Tongji University, China. Before joining TU Delft, she was a Ph.D. researcher at Future Cities Laboratory, Singapore-ETH Centre (2016-2019) and a bridge engineer in Shanghai Urban Construction Design & Research Institute in China (2011-2016).


Circularity and Sustainability; System Identification and Health Monitoring of Structural Systems; Cyber Civil Infrastructure.

My research interest is to develop the fundamental understanding of circularity in the design, construction, operation, maintenance and repair cycle of civil infrastructure.

  • Cao, W.J., Zhang, S., Bertola, N.J., Smith, I.F. and Koh, C.G., 2019. Time series data interpretation for ‘wheel-flat’ identification including uncertainties. Structural Health Monitoring, p.1475921719887117.
  • Cao, W.J., Koh, C.G. and Smith, I.F., 2019. Enhancing static-load-test identification of bridges using dynamic data. Engineering Structures186, pp.410-420.
  • Cao, W.J., Liu, W.S., Koh, C.G. and Smith, I.F.C., 2020. Optimizing the operating profit of young highways using updated bridge structural capacity. Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring, pp.1-16.

Wen-Jun Cao

Assistant Professor

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