Dr. T. Yang


Dr. T. Yang  obtained his doctoral degree from Tongji University in 2012. His doctoral thesis was about fatigue performance of steel-concrete composite beams prestressed with external prestressing tendons.


Mechanical performance of prefabricated steel-concrete composite beams:

Prefabricated steel-concrete composite beams are composed of steel girders, shear connectors, and precast concrete slabs, which are readily to realize fully prefabricated construction. However, some new hotspots generate for prefabricated composite beams, such as the fatigue performance of beams and the shear performance of post-installed connectors. Therefore, it’s worthy of discovering the mechanical behaviour of prefabricated composite beams, and this is also the research topic I’m interested in.

Funding organization: NSFC&CSC

Dr. T. Yang

Guest researcher

Mechanical performance of prefabricated steel-concrete composite beams, including static performance, fatigue performance, and so on.


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