R. Yan, MSc


I did my bachelor in Civil Engineering in Tongji University.
My master research has been done in Harbin Institute of Technology which is about post-fire behaviours of axially loaded reinforced concrete stub columns confined by square steel tubes.  


Iā€™m working on design method for Innovation 3D Joint which is for assembly demountable buildings. The design method is closely related to Component method.

  • CIE4115 ā€“ Steel Structures 2
  • CIE4121 ā€“ Steel Structures 3

INNO3DJOINT is a project which belongs to European Convention for Constructional Steelwork(ECCS).
Explicit rules for safety verification of open cold-formed lightweight beam-to-tubular columns joints are missing in the current EN1993-1-8; thereby this lack significantly limits their use in low and medium rise buildings.
By developing economical detailing, design guidance based on Eurocodes and numerical tools accounting for 3D behaviour of innovative plug-and-play joints the most competitive solutions will be developed. Market share for new buildings, renovation and for additional storeys on existing buildings will increase.
Proposed joints will allow modularity and industrialization for low to mid-rise buildings which will increase competiveness and sustainability (reduction of raw materials and waste) of steel constructions.

Rui Yan

PhD Candidate

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