V. Laghi


Vittoria Laghi obtained her MSc at University of Bologna, Italy in 2016, with a Master’s Thesis developed at University of California, Berkeley. After her graduation, she won a one-year research fellowship at University of Bologna for the mechanical characterization of innovative masonry structures with improved ductility response. Since November 2017 she has been working on her PhD project, partially developed at University of Bologna, Italy and partially at Delft University of Technology, focused on Wire-and-Arc Additive Manufactured steel for structural engineering applications.


The main focus of Vittoria’s research is on the material characterization of Wire-and-Arc Additive Manufactured steel material and its applications in the structural engineering field. Her research interests are also focused on earthquake-resistant design, as she has been specialized during her Master’s studies and research of Master’s Thesis.

Laghi, Palermo, Gasparini, Trombetti (2019) ”Optimization studies on diagrid columns realized with weld-based Additive Manufacturing process”, Proc. in IABSE Congress 2019, New York City (2-6 September 2019).

Laghi, Palermo, Gasparini, Trombetti (2019) ”Mechanical characterization of weld-based Additive Manufacturing stainless steel material through tensile coupon tests and Digital Image Correlation technique”, Proc. in International Conference on Smart Infrastructure and Construction (ICSIC) 2019, Cambridge (8-10 July 2019).

Laghi, Palermo, Gasaprini, Silvestri, Trombetti (2019) “The application of weld-based Additive Manufacturing steel to structural engineering”, Proc. in 10thInternational Structural Engineering and Construction Conference (ISEC) 2019, Chicago (20-25 May 2019).

Laghi, Palermo, Pragliola, Girelli, Van Der Velden, Trombetti (2018) Towards 3D-printed steel grid-shells: the main idea and first studies”Proc. in IASS Symposium 2018, Boston (16-20 Luglio 2018).

V. (Vittoria) Laghi

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