Friebel, M.


Since 1999, Marc Friebel has been a technical support assistant at the TU Delft. After the completion of his instrument-maker study, he immediately started his TU Delft career as a faculty technician at Mijnbouwstraat 120, the old Mining-faculty. The move of ‘Mijnbouw’ (the current AES) to the CEG-building then meant that also Marc was assigned to a new working environment: the GSE Laboratory. He quickly made himself at home in the newly developed lab and fitted perfectly into the position of student and project support technician. His current work in the GSE-laboratory mainly focuses on preparing and developing equipment for research. Marc is highly regarded within the faculty, not only because of his experience, but also for his capability of working with machines, students and academics.


M. (Marc) Friebel

Technical Support Assistant