External Awards MSc and BSc Students


Nijs, R.E.P.
Keverling Buisman Prize for the best paper of 2017 in Geotechniek, about "Proefcampagne voor de Oosterweelverbinding in Amsterdam" (J. Couck, G. van Lysebetten, K. van Royen, B. Janssens, R. de Nijs").

Barghouthi, O., Remmerswaal, G., Wijngaarden, M.J.P. van
Keverling Buisman Young Talent Prize for dissertations (Barghouthi: "An Uncertainty Framework for Improbable Slope Failure", Remmerswaal: "Development and Implementation of moving boundary conditions in the Material Point Method", Van Wijngaarden: "Gravity based foundations for offshore wind turbines: Cyclic loading and liquefaction").

Aukenthaler, M.
Ingeokring Best Thesis Prize for 2016-2017 (Title dissertation: "The frozen & unfrozen Barcelona basic Model").


Shah, S.Y.
Third place in the Society of Petroleum Engineers International MSc student paper contest at its annual conference. Shah had previously come in first at the European regional contest. His presentation was based on his MSc thesis with Hajibeygi.

The Delft Organization of Geophysics Students (DOGS)
DOGS has been promoted by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) to Summit Student Chapter. Summit Student Chapter is the highest category of student chapters, awarded by SEG's Student Chapter Excellence Program. At the SEG in Dallas DOGS received the certificate of excellence.

Mansur, G.
The NUPUS scholarship award of 2016. This award allows her to spend up to 6 months at Stuttgart University. Gabrielle will work on multi scale methods for CO2 sequestration with Hadi Hajibeygi (TU Delft) and Raimer Helmig (Stuttgart University).

Alshiroofi, D., Boerboom, T., Douma, L., Sanden, A., Fu, K.Y.
The Imperial Barrel Award 2016 awarded by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG).


Ottolini, M.
Keverling buisman Young talent prize awarded by the KIVI-Geotechniek for his MSc graduation thesis entitled: “Immediate & long-term installation effects adjacent to an open-ended pile in a layered clay, an experimental approach.”

Bosma, S.B.M.
The Xodus – Sergio Ottochian Scholarship for Reservoir Simulation for the academic year 2015-2016. His thesis, which will involve several months of research at Stanford University in the US, is entitled “Multiscale simulation of fractured media using discrete fracture network modeling approach on unstructured grids”. More infomation

Fryer, B.P.
The Xodus – Sergio Ottochian Scholarship for Reservoir Simulation for the academic year 2015-2016. His thesis is entitled “Algebraic Dynamic Local Grid Refinement for Physically Complex Flows in Porous Media”. More infomation

Bosch, T. van den
The 2013-2015 Best thesis prize awarded by Ingeokring, the Dutch association for Engineering Geology, for his MSc graduation thesis,  entitled: “Influences of ice lens formation in a silty soil”. He conducted his research  in close collaboration with Max Bögl GmbH, one of the leading construction companies in Germany.

Delft SPE Student Chapter
The chapter has won the “Outstanding Student Chapter” Award from the SPE in 2015 in recognition of its exceptional programmes in industry engagement, operations and planning, community involvement, professional development and innovation.

Grobbe, N.
Award of Merit for presentation of his student paper entitled: "Seismoelectric interface response signal behaviour in thin-bed geological settings”, awarded by the SEG (Society for Exploration Geophysics).

Pluimers, S.B.
NUPUS (Non-linearities and Upscaling in PoroUS Media) scholarship award for the duration of 6 months. NUPUS is an international and interdisciplinary cooperation of universities (including TU Delft) and scientists with the aim of tackling current problems in the research area of porous media flow.


Eekelen, S.J. van
International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) Award for the Dutch research program on piled embankments.

Shah, S.
SPE Star Fellowship Award. The Star Fellowships supports graduate or postgraduate students pursuing their Master’s or PhD, related to the oil and gas industry.

Spruit, R.
Paper in the Canadian Geotechnical Journal, titled Detection of anomalies in diaphragm walls with crosshole sonic logging, has been selected as one of the “Editor’s choice” papers for 2014.

Delft SPE student chapter
The Gold standard designation for 2014 in recognition of its exceptional programmes in industry engagement, operations and planning, community involvement, professional development and innovation.


Noordstrand. A.
1st prize UfD-EBN geo Energy Master Award for best MSc thesis.

Holt, S.
3rd prize Nederlandse Gas Industrie Prijs (Dutch Gas Industry Prize) for best MSc thesis.

Meer, J.M. van der
Best Poster Award during the “2nd International Conference on Non-Linearities and Upscaling in Porous Media”. Her poster was entitled: “Foam flow in an oil reservoir".

Roosenbrand, E.
The Dutch Student Award for Engineering Geology for the period January 2011-June 2013 for her thesis entitled: Investigation into quantitative visualisation of suffusion. You can read more about her current work in Geothermics: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.geothermics.2013.09.006.


Eekelen, S. van
Her paper, “Model experiments on piled embankments”, was selected as the best paper published in 2012 in the Journal Geotextiles and Geomembranes.


Doulgeris, P.
Award of Merit for presentation of his student post paper entitled: Separation of blended data by iterative estimation and subtraction of interference noise. From SEG Committee on University and Student Programs, May 2011.

Neut, J.R. van der
Best paper award SEG for his paper "Controlled-source elastic interferometric imaging by multi-dimensional deconvolution with downhole receivers below a complex overburden".

Ruigrok, E.N.
The award he obtained for his presentation with the title "Crust and upper-mantle imaging with body-wave noise" which he have held during the 2010 Fall Meeting in San Francisco.


Neut, J.R. van der
SEG’s Best Student Paper Award


Athmer, W.
Award of excellence "Top 10" poster presentation. AAPG International Conference & Exhibition, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Leeuwen, T. van
Best Student Oral paper – 2008 Annual Meeting SEG, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Velocity analysis with multiples – NMO modeling for layered velocity structures.

Winter, I.L. de
Sediment budgeting of arctic river systems 3rd prize in "Shell Student Oral Presentation Awards", published in abstracts volume AAPG Annual Convention & Exhibition, 2009.


Leeuwen, T. van & Mulder, W.A.
Best Student Oral Paper; 2008 Annual Meeting SEG. Velocity analysis with multiples - NMO modeling for layered velocity structures.: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.


Schijndel, L. van
Winner SPE student paper contest, SPE Intelligent Energy Conference, Amsterdam.


Heijn, T.
Best MSc graduate of Applied earth Sciences, Award of the Universiteitsfonds (Delft University Foundation).


Sizoo, H.
Best MSc graduate of TU Delft, Award of the Universiteitsfonds (Delft University Foundation).