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20 maart 2017

NUPUS + DARSim Day 12 May 2017

DARSim is pleased to host a NUPUS day on 12 May 2017. NUPUS stands for Non-linearities and Upscaling in PoroUS Media. The event is aimed to esteem discussion, collaboration and interaction between all NUPUS researchers.

19 maart 2017

Book (in Dutch): SPIEGELZEE. De zeespiegelgeschiedenis van de mens.

Our ancestors have experienced unimaginable sea level changes that had a major impact on their environment. Prof. S.B. Kroonenberg explains in an accessible manner which are the causes of these changes. Till so far our ancestors were very inventive to adapt themselves to these changes, even with primitive resources, so we need not to fear that we aren’t able to adapt in the future.

19 maart 2017

A lecture of the “Universiteit van Nederland”: Dr. J.E.A. Storms about WATER (in Dutch)

Because of the rising of the sea level the geologist, Joep Storms, wonders if we have to live on the first floor in the near future to keep our feet dry.

14 maart 2017

GSE/GRS Research Day 2017

GSE/GRS Research Day 2017

Today we had our annual GSE/GRS Research Day in the Theaterzaal at Culture. The central theme of the day was “Is science only an opinion?”, where focus was on the role of (our) science in the public debate, in the Trumpocene, etc.

06 maart 2017

Infrasonic sounds in the earth

The rumbling of Mount Etna on Sicily can be measured as far afield as De Bilt. Infrasound from the volcano is very low frequency sound travelling through the atmosphere. It is inaudible to the human ear yet still measurable. So says seismologist Läslo Evers of the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), who is researching infrasound and conducts measurements using special equipment. On Wednesday 8 March, he will deliver his inaugural lecture as part-time Professor of Seismo-Acoustics at TU Delft.