Energy piles

Project: Energy piles in the Netherlands

The project investigates the performance of energy piles (thermo-active foundations), combining load-carrying and heat storage functions in the Netherlands. Contributions to existing knowledge will include a long-term field-scale experiment and related data, numerical modelling strategies and guidelines for design and operation.

This project is funded by NWO, with contributions from Deltares, Diana FEA and Fundex.


Ivaylo Pantev (Ivo)

I work on field testing and numerical modelling of energy piles. My research tries to answer the question of how energy piles respond to typical and extreme loading scenarios, as well as long-term cyclic thermal and mechanical loading. I will install a field-scale experiment in the Netherlands, monitor and interpret data from it and develop design tools.

Supervisors: Phil Vardon; Michael Hicks (Geo-Engineering); Rafid Al-Khoury (Structural Mechanics)

Ali Golchin

I conduct laboratory tests to understand the load-bearing capacity of Dutch soils, in which the energy-piles will be installed. These soils will be exposed to temperature cycles in temperature-controlled triaxial and direct shear tests. Based on experimental results, I will also develop a thermo-mechanical constitutive model for geomaterials.

Supervisors: Phil Vardon, Michael Hicks.

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