The key distinguishing characteristic of our Department is the combination of geoscience and engineering. Our mission is to:

“Reveal and explain the Earth’s underground resources
 and support their use in an environmentally responsible manner”

To this end we:

  • Characterize the shallow and deep subsurface with novel technologies
  • Explain and model the origins and properties of subsurface formations
  • Develop concepts and techniques to influence and control subsurface states and processes
  • Develop methods to assess, monitor or restore the natural subsurface environment
  • Design methods to responsibly use of the subsurface for construction, transport and resource exploitation

We do not only aim to understand, predict and monitor the subsurface, but, where possible, also to influence it to the benefit of society. Our key geoscience disciplines are geology and geophysics, while our key engineering disciplines are geomechanics and flow, transport and chemistry in porous media. Common themes in our research revolve around the use of subsurface resources (in particular energy, minerals and space), the uncertainty, heterogeneity and complexity of the subsurface and the related coupled multi-scale processes. We approach these themes with laboratory experimentation, theoretical analysis, large-scale numerical simulation, field work and, preferably, combinations of these approaches where possible.