Siliciclastic systems

 In this theme, we follow an integrated approach where case studies, either from outcrops or modernday sedimentary systems, model development and applications are combined to address fundamental and application-driven research questions. In most cases, either the in-house developed or modified Delft3D software has been used, as well as geophysical tools.

Siliciclastic systems form major hydrocarbon and groundwater reservoirs worldwide. Combining modelling and outcrop studies and covering a broad range of scales (103-106 years and 100-104 meters), the unit adopts a holistic approach, considering the entire system from the source area to the final resting places in the deep oceans.

Dr. J.E.A. (Joep) Storms

Dr. M.E. (Rick) Donselaar

Dr. H.A. (Hemmo) Abels