Blom, J.C.


Jan Kees Blom received his doctoraal (M.Sc. equivalent) from Utrecht University in 1990, and started as a part-time geological assistant at TU Delft in 1991, responsible for organizing the various excursion and field trips that formed part of the study program in Mining and Petroleum Engineering.

He decided to concentrate on teaching rather than research and expanded his portfolio of classes taught, mainly in structural geology and field oriented classes. Currently, he is a full time lecturer in geology in the BSc and MSc programmes in Applied Earth Sciences.

He obtained his Senior Qualification Education certificate in 2012, as the first lecturer of Delft University.


Educational activities

He teaches or taught courses in regional geology, structural geology, minerals & rocks and geologic map interpretation, and organizes geologic excursions and fieldwork for Applied Earth Science students at BSc and MSc level.

Jan Kees also supervises BSc and MSc thesis work.

In addition to this, he is the Director of Studies for the BSc and MSc programs in Applied Earth Sciences.


Teaching, Structural Geology, Fieldwork & Excursions. Classes taught over the last years:

1st year BSc:

  • TA1009-10 Nuldejaarsexcursie (1 EC)
  • TA1911 Geologic Map reading (1 EC)
  • TA1913 1st Years geologic excursion Ardennes and Eifel (2 EC) (currently organised by M. van Tooren)
  • TA1910 General Geology (parts) (4 EC)
  • AESB1130 Geology the Basics (part) (5 EC)
  • AESB1230 Geology of NW Europe (part)  (5 EC)

2nd year BSc:

  • TA2920 Structural Geology (2 EC)
  • TA2921 Geologic Constructions (2 EC)
  • TA2930 Geology of the Netherlands (2 EC)
  • TA3942 Geologic Fieldwork France (6 EC)

1st year MSc:

  • AES1750 Geology for Engineers (parts)
  • AES1802 Petroleum Geology excursion (3 EC)
  • AES1840 Advanced Structural Geology (3 EC)
  • AES1913 Geologic Excursion Ardennes (1 EC)

 2nd year MSc:

  • AES2009 Field Development Project (parts)

He has been extensively involved in the development of the new BSc program of Applied Earth Sciences, which started in 2013 with the 1st years program. In this new 1st years program, where classes will be integrated into larger courses of 5 EC, he will be teaching in  all three geology courses that are scheduled, as well as in the course of Petroleum Engineering.

Currently, he is coordinator of the Applied Earth Sciences BSc program,and a member of the OC (Education Committee).

He has supervised a number of BSc theses, mainly to do with 3D geologic restorations.


He does not currently perform any research, but has worked, and published, occasionally on subjects as the Southern Alps of Italy, the Achaean of the Pilbara and the geology of Mars.


I am coordinating the redesign of the MSc program in Applied Earth Sciences. The aim is to go from the current program, based on tracks without overlap to a new, single MSc program which will have a clear common core and a student-centered specialisation, with a large amount of freedom for students to determine their own study path.

This new program should start in the academic year 2022-2023.

J.C. (Jan Kees) Blom

Director of Studies Applied Earth Sciences / Senior Lecturer