IJsseldijk, J. E. van


In September 2013 I started the Bachelor course Applied Earth Sciences at TU Delft. During my studies I first discovered geophysics, which I found to be a very fascinating topic. Therefore, I decided to further explore this subject for my Bsc. thesis, when I explored the feasibility of imaging a walking person using surface waves. This research project fortified my interest in geophysics, thus I started the IDEA League Applied Geophysics Msc. course. My MSc. research thesis on local crustal imaging using high magnitude earthquakes, convinced me to pursue a further career in geophysics and seismology, and after graduating I started my current position as a PhD student in Delft.


The Marchenko equation is a novel method allowing us to retrieve the Green’s function to a virtual source in the subsurface by accounting for all orders of multiples in the subsurface. This data-driven method requires single-sided access to the medium, making it ideal for geophysical surveys recording the reflection response at the surface only. My research will use the 3D Marchenko equations to monitor fluid flow in the earth over time. The changes in the seismic parameters are very small, calling for an accurate and repeatable method, such as Marchenko imaging.

Johno van IJsseldijk

PhD Student