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Dr. Mandy Korff is part-time Associate Professor in Geotechnical Practice (since 2016), and a Senior Advisor and Innovations Manager at Deltares. She works in the fields of underground construction, behaviour of piles, risk management and monitoring, observational method, forensic geo-engineering, soil-structure interaction, liquefaction, and impact of construction activities and earthquakes on structures. Her research is directly related to projects such as the Groningen earthquake studies, Amsterdam subway (North South line), Delft railway tunnel and projects in Singapore. Dr. Korff was chair of the Geotechnical Department of the Royal Institute of Engineers (KIVI) and the national representative for the ISSMGE during 2008-2017. She is currently a member of ISSMGE’s TC204 and TC207 on Underground Construction and Soil-Structure Interaction, and serves on the Corporate Associates Presidential Group.

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Dr. Korff received her PhD from University of Cambridge in 2013, where she worked with professor Robert Mair on the Response of Piled Buildings to the Construction of Deep Excavations. Mandy Korff graduated from Delft University of Technology as MSc. in 1999 in Civil Engineering. In 2000 she joined GeoDelft as a consultant and researcher in the field of foundations and underground construction. She gained experience in geotechnical risk management. Many of her projects included some sort of forensic engineering and impact assessment related to underground construction works. 


Dr. Korff works in the field of underground construction, risk management, forensic geo-engineering, soil structure interaction and impact of construction activities and earthquakes on structures. Her research is directly related to projects such as the Groningen earthquake studies, Amsterdam subway (North South line), the Delft railway tunnel and projects in Singapore. Expertise - Soil Structure Interaction - Forensic Engineering for Geotechnical Issues - Risk Management and Monitoring, Observational Method - Behavior of Piles - Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering - Liquefaction

Educational activities

  • CIE 4363 Deep Excavations (coordinator)

Key publications

  • 2017 Learning from case studies and monitoring of Dutch tunnel projects Mandy Korff Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers http://dx.doi.org/10.1680/jfoen.17.00007  
  • 2017 Characterisation of the Groningen subsurface for seismic hazard and risk modelling Pauline Kruiver, Ewoud van Dedem, Remco Romijn, Ger de Lange, Mandy Korff, Jan Stafleu, Adrian Rodriguez-Marek, Julian Bommer, Jan van Elk, Dirk Doornhof Netherlands Journal of Geosciences 
  • 2017 An integrated shear wave velocity model for the Groningen Gas field Pauline Kruiver, Ane Wiersma, Fred Kloosterman, Ger de Lange, Mandy Korff, Jan Stafleu, Ronald Harting, Jan Gunnink, Russell Green Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering 
  • 2016 Pile-soil interaction and settlement effects induced by deep excavations Mandy Korff, Robert Mair, Frits van Tol Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering 
  • 2012 Validating and Improving Models for Vibratory Installation of Steel Sheet Piles with Field Observations. Annemieke Mens, Mandy Korff, Frits van Tol. Geotechnical and Geological Engineering. DOI 10.1007/s10706-012-9506-5 
  • 2011 Building damage and repair due to leakage in a deep excavation. Mandy Korff, Robert Mair, Frits van Tol, Frank Kaalberg Forensic Engineering Journal, ICE, December 2011


  • Influence of shallow subsurface on the hazard related to induced earth quakes in Groningen, The Netherlands for NAM (@Deltares)
    Year: 2014-present
    Activities : projectcoordinator, liquefaction, site response, peat properties, geological modelling and geotechnical parameters 
  • Member NPR committee for National Application Document for Eurocode 8 for NEN Delft
    Year: 2013-present
    Activities : provide specialist input for EC8 implementation for Groningen in NPR committee, specialist input on soil structure interaction.
  • Member of Working Group and Task Group leader for Liquefaction.
    Name of assignment or project: Singapore polder study for HDB Singapore (@Deltares)
    Year: 2014
    Activities : review of the seismic design of the levees

Mandy Korff

Associate Professor Geotechnical Practice

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