Flessati, L.

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Luca is Assistant professor in Geotechnical Field Testing and Monitoring. He graduated in Civil Engineering in 2013 at Politecnico di Milano and received his Ph.D. in Structrual, Seismic and Geotecnical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. Between 2017 and 2022 he worked in Politecnico di Milano as doctoral researcher and assistant professor until September 2022, when he joined TU Delft.
Luca is a geotechnical engineer studying experimentally, numerically and theoretically different soil-structure inter-action problems, such as foundations, tunnels, embankments and slope retaining systems, and conceiving simplified models for the design and the optimization of these structures. Eager to continue to follow this research field for increasing competitiveness and sustainability of new infrastructures and structures and to assess the reliability of existing structures.



  • Modelling soil-structure interaction problems with the macroelement approach
  • Mechanical response of unreinforced and reinforced tunnel faces
  • Time-dependent response of tunnel faces
  • Design optimization of pile-supported embankments
  • Stability of natural cavities
  • Stability of slopes in cemented materials
  • Design of retaining structures
  • Shallow foundations under cyclic loads
  • Hydro-mechanical coupled response of shallow foundations
  • Design of mitigation measure for uplift of buried pipelines in liquefiable soil
  • Constitutive modelling of cement-bentonite mixtures for plastic diaphragm
  • Time-dependent geomaterials response
  • Propagation on fast landslides
  • Monitoring of geotechnical structures with fibre optics


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Luca Flessati

Assistant Professor in Geotechnical Field Testing and Monitoring

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