Li, Q.


Qiang is a PhD researcher in the Geo-Engineering section of CITG department at TU Delft. His current research focuses especially on the pile lateral bearing behavior when considering complex loading conditions and seabed scour erosion, and how to improve the current pile design guideline. Research methodology involves laboratory parameter determination, centrifuge modelling, and numerical simulation.


Technische Universiteit Delft - Doctoral Researcher
2015.09 - Present

  • Designed tools with great innovation in carrying out centrifuge experiment and FEM analysis on offshore wind turbine monopile project. Made sure high quality and smooth laboratory processes.
  • Worked with staff from external organizations on screw pile project, improved technical operations and provided exceptional customer service.
  • Led a research team in delivery of seabed scour evaluation & protection project, developed close cooperation among members to share information and solutions to meet broad array of deliverables.
  • Participated in a project of monopile drivability analysis, advised the design of experimental tools and helped the running of centrifuge experiments.


  • Qiang Li, Amin Askarinejad, Kenneth Gavin. p-y curves of rigid monopiles under one-way lateral cyclic loading: centrifuge modelling. (ready to submit)
  • Qiang Li, Amin Askarinejad, Kenneth Gavin. The impact of scour on the lateral response of wind turbine monopiles: an experimental study. Canadian Geotechnical Journal (under review)
  • Qiang Li, Amin Askarinejad, Luke J. Prendergast, Kenneth Gavin. Experimental investigation of the effect of vertical loading on the lateral behaviour of monopiles in sand. Ocean engineering (under review)
  • Qiang Li, Amin Askarinejad, Kenneth Gavin. Lateral response of rigid monopiles subjected to cyclic loading: centrifuge modelling. ICE - Geotechnical Engineering
  • Qiang Li, Amin Askarinejad, Luke J. Prendergast, Kenneth Gavin, Giorgos Chortis, 2020. Centrifuge modelling of the impact of local and global scour erosion on the monotonic lateral response of a monopile in sand. Geotechnical Testing Journal, 43(5)


  • Giorgos Chortis, Askarinejad Amin, Prendergast J Luke, Qiang Li, Kenneth Gavin, 2019. Influence of scour depth and type on p–y curves for monopiles in sand under monotonic lateral loading in a geotechnical centrifuge. Ocean Engineering, 106838
  • Qiang Li, Luke J. Prendergast, Amin Askarinejad, Kenneth Gavin. Effect of scour on the behavior of a combined loaded monopile in sand. Proceedings of the NUMGE 2018, Porto.
  • Qiang Li, Deshun Yin, Chao Zhou. A device and a method for measuring the Fluid-solid Conversion Mechanism during collision. China patent ZL201410805973.2, filed December 22, 2014, and issued February 01, 2017.
  •  Deshun Yin, Qiang Li, Wei Zhang. A device and a method for detecting the continuous settlement of soil surrounding a tunnel. China patent ZL201310172290.3, filed May 10, 2013, and issued April 08, 2015.
  •  Deshun Yin, Yixin Wang, Qiang LiA device and a method for forewarning of sinkholes caused by excavation. China patent ZL201310291262.3, filed July 11, 2013, and issued June 10, 2015.
  • 2020.05 - present  Work as an Engineer Assistant in Power China Huadong Engineering Corporation Limited, Hangzhou, China
    Discription: In order to enriched my practical skills on offshore geotechnical engineering, currently I am doing internship in a leading company (Power China Huadong Engineering Corporation Limited) which is specialized in initial survey of seabed condition. More than 80% of the initial investigation of seabed condition for the building of offshore wind farms in China is fulfilled by this company. On self-rising platforms and vessels, I participated in operating seabed CPT (A.P.Van Den Berg product), drilling hole sampling and analysing the measured data.
  •  2014.06 - 2014.07  Work as a translator and coordinator in the Youth Olympic Games which was held in Nanjing city, China.
  •  2012.07 - 2012.08  Work as an Engineer Assistant in the company of China State Construction Engineering (No. 21 in Fortune Global 500)

Qiang Li

PhD Student

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