CO2-Foam EOR field pilot in an onshore carbonate reservoir

Time: 12:45 – 13:30, November 29
Room: 03.270


Norway has more than 23 mature waterflooded reservoirs, both sandstone and chalk, of significant  size with 2400 million Sm3 residual oil after water injection as EOR target. Foam for mobility control has the potential to overcome the challenge of unstable displacement during CO2 injection. A collaboration between universities and industry has been setup to conduct CO2-Foam EOR field trials in 2 onshore fields in Texas. The project aims to understand large-scale CO2 mobility control using foam with the primary objective of developing the technology for EOR and aquifer storage on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. As a secondary objective, improved modelling of CO2 foam processes will be established by upscaling the results from laboratory scale to reservoir scale based on the pilot results. The pilot for one of the selected fields, with carbonate reservoir, will start by Q2 next year. The talk would cover the laboratory and reservoir modelling work done so far in preparation for the pilot, and the planned data acquisition activities.