MSc Theses Presentations 14-03-2018

Time: 12:45 – 13:30, March 14
Room: 02.110


A group of MSc thesis students is invited to give a presentation at PE seminar, for the project they are working on. This serves a chance for them to get to know each other’s project, and more importantly, get advice at early stage on their study.


Della Prita Kandella Naymilton, advised by Dr. Auke Barnhoorn, Dr. Fiorenza Deon, Prof. David Bruhn

  • Title: â€˜The effect of acid treatment and acid fracturing on rocks to improve fluid flow along fractures in geothermal and hydrocarbon reservoirs’ 

Julia Schmidt advised by Prof. Pacelli Zitha and Mohsen Mirzaie Yegane     

  • Title: â€˜Investigation on Injectivity Characteristics of a High-Molecular Weight Inverse Polymer Emulsion for EOR at High Salinity’  

Fanxiang Xu, advised by Dr. Hadi Hajibeygi     

  • Title: â€˜Local time stepping for multi-scale in time simulation’

Luiza Queroga Caldas , advised by Prof. Jan Dirk Jansen     

  • Title: â€˜Compressibility based salt caverns volume estimation’

Herru As Syukri advised by Prof. Bill Rossen and Swej Shah      

  • Title: â€˜Foam Generation due to Flow Across Sharp Heterogeneity’