Daniilidis, A.

Alexandros Daniilidis is a Postdoctoral researcher at TU Delft working with Prof. David Bruhn and Hamid Nick. His research is focused on developing a field development strategy for direct use geothermal energy. 

He did his PhD at University of Groningen entitled “The conductive geothermal field as an energy and economic entity”. His doctoral work focused on two topics. The first was exploring, substantiating and quantifying the concept of harvesting the high heat flow through salt bodies. The second was a step-wise, incremental approach in outlining, assessing, characterizing and evaluating the development of the Groningen geothermal system. The analysis included multidisciplinary aspects of geology, geochemistry, reservoir simulation, uncertainty analysis and economics.

For his research M.Sc. in Energy and Environmental Science he performed lab experiments at Wetsus (European centre of excellence for sustainable water technology) and modelling at University of Groiningen on renewable electricity generation through reverse electrodialysis, utilizing different salinity gradients. For his M.Sc. in Environmental and Infrastructure Planning at University of Groningen he worked on the socio-spatiality, power relations and the right to the city using Athens, Greece as a case study. 


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Alexandros Daniilidis

Postdoctoral researcher