Mehranpour, M.H.


I am Hadi, a researcher who is interested in the mechanics of discontinuum media such as granular geomaterials and fractured rocks. I hold a Ph.D. degree from the University of Arizona in Geological, Geophysical and Mining Engineering. Currently, I focus on studying and modeling the mechanical behavior of subsurface energy reservoir rocks under in-situ conditions during fluid production or injection.



My current research is focused on the mechanical behavior of faults under the cyclic loading condition at subsurface reservoirs. This condition results from cycles of fluid production and injection under different circumstances, such as energy production from geothermal reservoirs or energy storage at depleted reservoirs.

I am involved in the Science4Steer project as a part of the DeepNL program. S4S is a scientific basis for production and reinjection strategies to minimize induced seismicity in Dutch gas fields.

Mohammad Hadi Mehranpour

Postdoc Research