Hendrik Mine (1915 - 1963). In 1963, the Hendrik Mine was integrated with the Emma Mine.

Production: 61.203.000 ton.

Location of mine site: Rumpen, Brunssum

Number of shafts: 4.

Three shafts (No's I, II, IV ) were at the mine site.The fourth shaft (No. III) was located in the forests a few kilometers to the southeast, near the border of the town Nieuwenhagen (now part of the community Landgraaf).It was used for ventilation, and became locally known as the "luchtschacht"( =ventilation shaft)

The Hendrik mine exploited mainly gas-rich coal for cokes production. The construction of the 700 and 855 m levels, started before WW II, was taken up again in in the 1950's The 855 m level was completed in 1959. The level was meant to mine the rich coal seams north of the Feldbiss fault. The coal to be mined there was predominantly gas-rich coal. Shaft IV was in 1959 not yet in production, but extended already to below 1000 m's. It has been the deepest shaft in the Netherlands.

The Hendrik mine became in 1963 integrated with the neighbouring Emma mine.The combined mine was called Emma-Hendrik.
After the surface works were shut down, and the shafts were closed, the Hendrik mine site became a NATO military site. The site is still a NATO site today.