van Duijvenbode, J.R.


TU Delft (2018 – current)
Ph.D. candidate in Resource Engineering

I obtained a MSc degree in the European Mining Course (EMC) from Delft University of Technology, Aalto University and RWTH Aachen. My master thesis was about: Development and Validation of Short-term Mine Planning Optimization Algorithms for a Sublevel Stoping Operation with Backfilling.


PhD research into the behavioural Geology – Understanding how differences in geology influence metallurgical performance.

The research topic consists of integrating collected information on metallurgical properties, directly or through proxies back into the resource model. The consideration of metallurgical costs is the only way forward to obtain truly optimized mining decisions, accounting for constraints and bottlenecks in the comminution circuit and chemical processing plant. This is important to better characterize metallurgical behavior of the plant feed, which allows for a morel optimal selection of process control settings.

The envisioned solution will result in an increased recovery in combination with a lower utilization of energy and chemicals per tonne of processed material (lower environmental footprint). Consequently, overall OPEX will drop making lower grade ore economic while increasing the mineral resources that are available for conversion to ore reserves (lesser need to open up new mines). Moreover, a better characterization of mining blocks reduces the unintended processing of waste due to lower overall classification errors.

Copromotor: Dr. M. Soleymani Shishvan

Promotor(s): Dr. M. Buxton and Prof. Jan Dirk Jansen

Jeroen van Duijvenbode

PhD Candidate

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