Armstrong, L.S.


I am the data manager for TU Delft’s contribution to the EPOS-NL project, and for the Department of Geoscience & Engineering. My activities in EPOS-NL center on developing and implementing a data management strategy for laboratory work related to the project, and for TU Delft’s geothermal well (DAPWell). I also work with project partners to enable data sharing in the wider EPOS and scientific communities. In the GSE department, I provide support on topics related to research data management.


My research background is in geology but an interest in data led me to work as a data scientist before joining TU Delft as a data manager in 2020. I previously studied mantle phase relations, inclusions in superdeep diamonds, and reduced volatiles in magmas relevant to the early Earth, Moon and Mars. This was done while obtaining a BSc in geology (University of Michigan), a PhD in experimental petrology (University of Bristol), and during postdoctoral research positions (University of Bristol, University of Minnesota). 


EPOS-NL is the Dutch contribution of national research infrastructures to the European Plate Observatory System (EPOS), the pan-European infrastructure for solid Earth science.

EPOS-NL is a cluster of large scale facilities, specialist laboratories and data centres. The main large-scale facilities to be developed in phase one will include the Earth Simulation Infrastructure (ESI) at Utrecht University, the deep geothermal well (DAPwell) and Petrophysics Lab (DPL) at TU Delft and the ORFEUS earthquake data centre at KNMI.

My role in this project is to ensure that the data generated at TU Delft facilities are properly managed during research, and are shared afterwards in as FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable) a manner as possible. 

Lora Armstrong

Data Manager EPOS-NL

Monday - Friday